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Decision-makers, operational managers, financial managers, auditors, analysts :
Analyze your business results, create and automate your commercial, financial or technical dashboards with the integrated Business Intelligence functions of Microsoft Excel. A fast, efficient, reliable and powerful method accessible to all Excel users to get the best out of the data stored in your management systems and to build a real steering and decision support tool.

During the online sessions, you will be able to learn about the principles, opportunities and constraints related to the launch of a Business Intelligence project, follow the different key steps, and implement them easily and immediately during the workshops by using Business Intelligence tools available on the Excel spreadsheet.

The use of the Excel spreadsheet will allow you to immediately put into practice the concepts discussed during the sessions, using computer tools already available on your computer.

You will also be able to use the various documents provided as well as the videos of the application exercises, in preparation for the workshop or at the end of the online sessions. You will create a personal dashboard project based on a sample database and challenge your know-how with the other participants.

For ESSCA students, for any registration please contact us at contact.onlinecampus@essca.eu

  • Live sessions: two sessions of 3 hours (Saturdays from 9 to 12 am CET time)
  • Autonomous work (with interaction): around 9 hours
  • Who is this course for?

    These workshops are intended for anyone, student or professional, interested in the design and implementation of a business intelligence project: use the data in your organisation to create, format and share information analysis documents.

    To follow the course, you must have a computer with Excel (versions 2016 to 365). These sessions are accessible to all Excel users because you will not have to write formulas, the aim being to automate your spreadsheets.

    Whether you are a student, young professional or more experienced, you will enjoy this course if you wish to:

    – Improve a specific skill related to a topic or theme.

    – Interact with experts who will help you to address challenges and identify opportunities for your future, giving you constructive feedback.

    – Deepen your knowledge and apply it to your professional life.

    – Discover and practice new skills and receive a certificate of achievement at the end of the course after evaluating your knowledge.

  • What is the content of this program?

    You will follow various exercises as you prepare individually for the two 3-hour workshops with your professor. These live sessions will be based on French time (Paris). You will participate to a total of 6 hours of classes with your professor.
    This programme encourages you to work for 6 other hours independently by following different exercises on our platform: videos, quizzes and other content.

    Workshop 1

    The first workshop is dedicated to Business Intelligence data:

    – Identifying the project path and data sources to be exploited;

    – Issues related to connecting to data sources and extracting information;

    – Transformation of data for use in a Business Intelligence system;

    – Design of a decision-making dashboard and use of performance indicators.

    The workshop is divided into 4 short integrated sections, a presentation of the concepts, and a practical application carried out simultaneously by the workshop leader and the participants. The Excel Power Query module and pivot tables will be used.

    Workshop 2

    The second workshop is dedicated to the exploitation of data from the BI project:

    – Data modelling using the Excel Power Pivot module;

    – Data visualisation issues and graphic design of a dashboard;

    – Exploiting the data visualisation features available in Excel in a dashboard;

    – Discovering the Power BI software and comparing its possibilities with those of Excel.

    The workshop is also divided into 4 short sections integrating theoretical presentation and a maximum of practice.


    You will be asked to carry out a personal project to create a dashboard, based on a sample database provided. This project will allow you to evaluate your understanding of the concepts and to assess your ability to implement them in practice. The project will be peer-reviewed, and the best projects will be published.

  • How will this program benefit my career?

    At the end of the course, you will:

    Acquire knowledge of the basic concepts of Business Intelligence and learn to integrate them into the construction of an operational project.

    Learn how to build a complete solution without formulas, without any macro commands and without programming.

    Know how to easily connect to your company’s (or external) databases and automatically update your Excel tables.

    Discover this new approach to design your monitoring and analysis tables of your activity thanks to the possibilities offered by the integrated tools of Business Intelligence which Excel is still the only one to have.

    Identify the different stages of project design and consider the risks and constraints during operational implementation.

    Develop the ability to build a professional project independently.

  • Practical information
    • Live sessions: two sessions of 3 hours (Saturdays)
    • Autonomous work (with interaction): around 9 hours
    • Minimum number of participants to open the course: 5 students

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