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Course information

Know more about cryptocurrencies by understanding the main concepts associated with them and by learning how to use the main practical tools to use them.

The first online session will be dedicated to understanding the main concepts associated with cryptocurrencies. Special attention will be paid to the following key notions: currency, trust, blockchain, mining, ICO.

The second session will focus exclusively on the practical aspects: opening a portfolio, simple buy-sell orders for cryptocurrencies, transferring cryptocurrencies, stacking/unstacking orders.

The opening of a wallet will allow you to put into practice in real time the acquired techniques.

For ESSCA students, for any registration please contact us at contact.onlinecampus@essca.eu

Live sessions: two sessions of 3 hours (Saturdays from 9 to 12 am CET time)

  • Autonomous work (with interaction)
  • Who is this course for?

    This course is for beginners who want to learn more about the concept of crypto-currency and the basic rules of how a crypto-wallet works.

    At the end of this workshop, you will be able to :

    Know the key concepts of crypto-currencies;

    – Know how to open/close a wallet;

    Place simple buy/sell orders for crypto-currencies;

    Perform cryptocurrency transfers;

    Staking/unstacking crypto-currencies.


    Whether you are a student, young professional or more experienced, you will enjoy this course if you wish to:

    – Improve a specific skill related to a topic or theme.

    – Interact with experts who will help you to address challenges and identify opportunities for your future, giving you constructive feedback.

    – Deepen your knowledge and apply it to your professional life.

    – Discover and practice new skills and receive a certificate of achievement at the end of the course after evaluating your knowledge.

  • What is the content of this program?

    You will follow various exercises as you prepare individually for the two 3-hour workshops with your professor. These live sessions will be based on French time (Paris). You will participate to a total of 6 hours of classes with your professor.
    This programme encourages you to work for 6 other hours independently by following different exercises on our platform: videos, quizzes and other content.

    The course is divided into two sessions, each serving a specific function. The first session is theoretical and conceptual while the second session is practical and functional.

    Workshop 1

    The first workshop is dedicated to the conceptual understanding of cryptocurrencies:

    – Definition of currencies ;

    – Definition of the notion of crypto-currency ;

    – Explanation of mining, blockchain, ICOs;

    – Presentation of the limits of crypto-currencies and the associated debates.

    Workshop 2

    The second workshop is exclusively dedicated to an immersion in the practical aspects of cryptomoney:

    – Opening/closing a wallet;

    – Simple order to buy/sell crypto-currencies;

    – Transferring crypto-currencies;

    – Stacking/unstacking of crypto-currencies.

  • How will this program benefit my career?

    At the end of the training, you will:

    Acquire knowledge of the fundamental concepts of cryptocurrencies and learn how to use them.

    Be familiar with the functionality of cryptocurrencies.

    Develop the ability to build a diversified asset investment project.

  • Practical information
    • Live sessions: two sessions of 3 hours (Saturdays)
    • Autonomous work (with interaction)
    • Minimum number of participants to open the course: 5 students

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