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Course information

The holder of the Adan/ESSCA “crypto-assets & blockchain technology” certification will have the expertise and knowledge to drive the digital transformation and innovation of companies through blockchain technologies and digital assets.

This training supports all the company’s drivers in the technological mutation from:

  • an operational point of view: leading new projects for the company related to crypto-assets, while being aware of the nature and risks related to this type of asset
  • a marketing point of view: ensuring the deployment of a new product based on blockchain and digital assets
  • a legal point of view: understanding the regulatory and tax issues for a company operating in the digital assets sector.
  • Who is this course for?

    Who is this course for?

    • Project manager
    • Business developer
    • Risk manager
    • Innovation manager
    • Compliance manager
    • Marketing manager
    • Graduating students (mainly in private law, business/management or economics/finance)

    Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

    • Support a company in their transition and deployment of use cases based on blockchain technologies and digital assets
    • Work for a company whose core business is based on blockchain networks and crypto-assets
  • What is the content of this program?

    Part I – Introduction to crypto-assets and blockchain technologies

    • History of decentralized networks and the emergence of crypto-assets
    • Taxonomy of crypto-assets
    • The functioning of blockchain networks: consensus protocols
    • How does a crypto asset portfolio work?

    Part 2 – The crypto-asset market: a myriad of case studies

    • Introduction to DeFi and DAO.
    • Introduction to NFTs
    • Security Tokens
    • On-chain “money”

    Part 3 – The regulation of crypto-assets

    • Current regulations: the PACTE Law of May 22, 2019
    • Tomorrow’s regulations: the European framework – the digital finance package
    • The AML/CFT
    • Taxation of Digital Assets

    Part 4 – Risks associated with crypto-assets

    • Financial risks related to digital assets
    • The emergence of new risks: technological risk

    Part 5 – Crypto-assets and sustainability

    • The energetic impact of blockchain protocols
    • Crypto-blockchain case studies to improve ESG objectives
  • How will this program benefit my career?

    At the end of the training, you will be able to:

    • Design a digital transformation strategy within your company using blockchain technologies and digital assets
    • Integrate a crypto/blockchain infrastructure within your company
    • Lead digital asset projects at a company specializing in the cryptocurrency industry
    • Support a structure in the promotion of a commercial service related to digital assets (lending, staking, crypto savings plan, etc.)
    • Assess the risks associated with digital assets and decentralized finance
    • Decode the regulatory constraints related to digital assets for a company
    • Identify the environmental issues related to digital assets in order to design a crypto project in line with your company’s policy
  • Practical information
    • Live sessions
    • Autonomous work (with interaction)
    • Minimum number of participants to open the course: 5 students

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