Your admission

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If you have any doubts before your registration, feel free to check the frequently asked questions web page or contact us through the contact form.

Your admission
  • Eligibility and Profile

    For all our courses, you need to be proficient in the language in which you have chosen to follow your course.

    The prerequisites depend on each format we offer.

    • You don’t need any prerequisites for our nano programs. However, some courses may require the use of specific software.
    • To follow our short programs, you will need to meet the following profile:

    – You have at least 3 years of undergraduate studies in any discipline.

    – You have a good level of English to follow the courses and interact with the professors.

    – You are autonomous and ready to dedicate yourself to a 100% online course.

  • Choose your course
    Click on “apply” to create your account if it is the first time.

    Then, you choose between different programs in the catalog.

    Please be aware: 

    – the courses dates are already set. 

    – the number of hours required for this course must fit into your personal timetable. 

    – you will have to be connected at fixed times. 

    Once it’s defined, select your subject. In order to create your account, you need to fill in your personal information. You will answer a few questions to validate your registration. 

  • Pre-registration & Payment

    You will be asked to pay for the chosen course via PayPal.

    If you have a coupon, enter it in the dedicated area. If you encounter any technical problems, contact our team. 

    In case you do not meet the required profile, you will be refunded to your PayPal account.We will refund the cost of the registration (and not the additional fees). 

    After this payment, you will get a confirmation from Paypal by email. 

  • Registration & Account

    Once your registration is validated, you will be notified by email and receive instructions for the next steps. Don’t forget to check your spam folder if you don’t receive these notifications.

    For the next steps, you will need to sign the terms and conditions of the school’s contract and provide us some documents. 

    Once you have registered, you can access your personal online account.

Your program
Your program
  • Format

    Courses have various formats. They can be composed by live sessions and asynchronous parts.  

    The live sessions part run at specific times but they will be recorded, thus content is available online for students to access when it best suits their schedules. 

    Asynchronous parts are composed of activities that you can do whenever you want. 

    For more information, please read the details of each course carefully. 

  • Platform

    Canvas Catalog makes it easy to publish and register courses.

    With Canvas, professors can engage students in an active, modern, multimedia learning experience that meets the needs of any learning style and impacts achievement. Canvas provides professors with tools to evaluate and differentiate instruction for each student in an efficient and scalable manner. 

  • Tutoring

    Professors will be able to follow your progress and help you to develop the best of your skills.

    You will be supported during your program by tutors to help you when you need them. 

Your diploma

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Your diploma
  • Certification
    You will receive the certification a few weeks after the end of the course. 

    Make sure that your email address and your profile are updated. Certifications can’t be amended after sending.  

  • Module and credits

    For some of our programs, you will validate ECTS credits thanks to the completed courses.

    If you wish to transfer ESSCA Online Campus academic credits, you have to obtain a written approval from the dean or adviser at your home institution prior to your registration at ESSCA Online Campus.

    Such approval is for your protection only; it is not required by ESSCA Online Campus, which cannot approve credits for transfer. We will provide transcript to have grades sent to your home institution.

  • Keep in touch
    It’s essential for everyone to maintain contact with the professors, tutors and other students in your class in order to activate your professional network.