• Who can register?

    For all our courses, you need to be proficient in the language in which you have chosen to follow your course.

    The prerequisites depend on each format we offer.

    • You don’t need any prerequisites for our nano programs. However, some courses may require the use of specific software.
    • To follow our short programs, you will need to meet the following profile:

    – You have at least 3 years of undergraduate studies in any discipline.

    – You have a good level of English to follow the courses and interact with the professors.

    – You are autonomous and ready to dedicate yourself to a 100% online course.

  • What is the language used to follow these courses?

    Some of our programs are offered in French and some are in English. The language is always specified when you choose the session that suits you.

  • What is the language proficiency required?

    The english or french proficiency required to follow the courses is equivalent to the level B2 defined by the Common European Framework of Reference.

    Listening: You must be able to understand lectures, extended speech, follow the news and understand the major part of a movie.

    Reading: You are able to read articles and reports concerned with contemporary issues and understand literary prose.

    Spoken Interaction: You can interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native speakers quite possible. You can take an active part in discussion in familiar contexts, and present your own point of view.

    Spoken production: You can present clear, detailed descriptions on a wide variety of subjects related to your field of interest. You can give pros and cons to a specific topic.

    Writing: You can write clear, detailed text on a wide range of subjects related to your interests. You can write an essay or report, giving reasons in support of or against a particular point of view.

  • What are the tools needed to follow this online formation?

    You can work from home, anywhere in the world, from any country.

    Our website is accessible from any kind of digital media: computers, tablets, smartphones…

    You just need to have a proper internet access.

Getting started

  • Why should I register on ESSCA online campus?

    This format will allow you to adapt your learning pace to your personal and professional constraints.

    Each student is supported by our team throughout the course: professors and tutors are available to help you whenever you need.

    The relationships you will develop during group work with the other students in your class will also enable you to rely on them.

  • Which courses should I choose?

    It’s essential to find the most suitable course for you.

    Each course is detailed on our website to explain the objectives, the new skills you will acquire, the expertise of your teacher and the dates and times.
    You need to choose the right course format and understand which one will best fit into your career path.

  • How does this program work? What are the different steps?
    • Once you have chosen your course, you will be redirected to our platform, in the language of the course you have selected.
    • You will pay for your course and apply with all your details. Our team will need various documents depending on the course you choose.
    • Your application has to be validated by our team before you can access to the course platform.

    Although you will have access to certain elements, you will only have access to the course between the specified dates.

    For live sessions, you will be provided with reminders and instructions on how to easily attend your classes.

    Please refer to this page to know more about how it works.

  • How will I be evaluated?

    The exams take place fully online.

    The assessment process for each course is written in the course description before your registration.

  • Is there a discount on the displayed price?

    You are eligible to a discount if you decide to take two courses. You have to choose the package of both courses when selecting your course. This option is not available for all our courses. Please check the description of the chose course.

    You can benefit from an early bird rate if you register before a specific date, indicated for each course.



  • Is the website reliable?

    Our website is hosted on a WP Engine server and designed and carried out by ArtFeelsGood agency.

    You will access to Canvas plateform during your courses.

  • By giving you my e-mail address, will I receive a lot of content from EOC?

    According to the Greenpeace recommendation, it’s important to regularly clean up your emails, especially those containing attachments, to avoid unnecessary storage in data centers. This creates useless digital pollution.

    Therefore ESSCA Online Campus commits to not sending you regular newsletters for marketing purposes.

    We collect your e-mail address only for informational purposes when you follow our programs. If you receive an e-mail from us, it will be composed mainly of information that is essential to the successful completion of the online courses.

  • What are the possible means of payment?

    We use PayPal as a mean of payment.


  • What is ESSCA School of Management ?

    Founded in 1909 in Angers, France, ESSCA is a “grande école” specialized in business, offering a wide panel of programmes and degrees in management. 

    ESSCA School of Management develops responsible managers and entrepreneurs, while fully considering the human, ethical and economic dimensions of organizations in a multicultural environment driven by technology and social innovations. 

    For more information click here.

  • How do I contact you?

    Can’t find your answer in this FAQ?

    We invite you to contact us using the form here. A member of our team will reply to your queries as soon as possible. It is also possible to send us an email to the following address: contact.onlinecampus@essca.eu.

    Don’t forget to register for our webinars, we talk about ESSCA Online Campus in detail.

    You can talk to a team member during a fifteen-minute phone appointment by finding a slot in our calendar.