It all started with an ambitious project, to create an online place where new leaders would arise formed by international and passionate professors, a place where cultures would meet, fuse and enrich one another.

In order to achieve that goal, we created a bespoke team of persons from all around the world sharing the same values: innovation, drive, creativity, curiosity, enthusiasm and humanism. We made sure that each one of our members were fascinated by the opportunity the online world has to offer, were caring and were dedicated to the creation of the best student experience possible. The is how ESSCA Online Campus’ team was born.  

Our values

They teach

Our highly skilled and committed professors have created programs just for you. Our teaching team is ready to share all their knowledge with you.

They make it work

This project wouldn’t have been possible without the educational designers and technical team. From the design of the website to the implementation and development of the online courses, the team will also be available to answer any questions you may have.

Accreditations & Memberships

FT Master in Mnagement

The Financial Times ranking features the world’s best 100 full-time MBA programmes. ESSCA’s Grande École Programme has been ranked in the Financial Times among the top 90 management programmes since 2015. Regarding openness and diversity, ESSCA has gained places this year for the international experience offered to students during their studies and after graduation.


ESSCA was awarded accreditation byAACSB International, the US-based global leader for higher business education in May 2014. Only 5% of business schools worldwide are granted the AACSB label. This prestigious accreditation is awarded after an in-depth assessment of an institution’s performance against a set of demanding quality standards, among which the academic excellence of its faculty, the quality of design and delivery of its programmes, as well as the coherence and sustainability of its strategy.


The EQUIS accreditation, which ESSCA obtained in June 2016, is awarded by EFMD, Europe’s premium accreditation body. Institutions that are awarded the EQUIS label must demonstrate high standards of quality and internationalisation in all dimensions of their activity. EQUIS rewards high-quality in both teaching and research, founded on close links with the corporate world. Particular attention is given to the capacity for innovation, especially with regard to programme design and delivery. 


Online Course Certification System accreditation, or EOCCS, is also bestowed by EFMD. ESSCA received this honor in 2017 for its Creative Box MOOC launched in 2015 by the ESSCA Institute for Advanced Pedagogy on the theme of creativity serving innovation. EOCCS thus certifies the quality of the courses offered and the teaching expertise already chosen by thousands of learners


AMBA has been for over fifty years one of the best-established quality labels in higher management education. In 2017, AMBA was the third major international accreditation obtained by ESSCA. The label was awarded to the excellence of Grande École Programme in both its full-time cursus for young students and its part-time executive training format.

First place medal trophy according to Rotterdam school of management, ESSCA is the best triple accredited business school for its ratio of sustainable development goals related publications.



Founded in January 2020, Adan brings together professionals in the digital asset and blockchain technology sector in France and Europe. Its members make up a wide range of activities, including markets, custody, payments, management, analytical tools, project and user support and security.

Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham Trent University (NTU) is an English public research university located in Nottingham. Its origins may be traced back to 1843, when the Nottingham Government School of Design was founded, which is still in operation inside the university today. With 35,785 students over five campuses, it is the ninth largest university in the United Kingdom (out of 169).

ESTA Belfort

ESTA was created over 30 years ago with the aim of training Sales Engineers skilled in selling technical products on international markets, initiated by industrial partners asserting that competent personal to sell their technological products in overseas is missing in France. Right from the start, ESTA is offering a Sales Engineering cursus, with technical and commercial aspects integrated as from year one. By this, students are being best prepared to succeed in their future challenging job.