The Future of Beauty in the Era of Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence

Have you ever heard of “beauty tech”“? If you’re following innovation in the luxury and beauty world worldwide, you can’t miss this trend. At the latest professional event, “Viva Technology,” held in Paris in June 2023, high technology applied to beauty companies took center stage.

Beauty Tech: The Fusion of Cutting-Edge Technology and Beauty

At the core of the cosmetic industry, the rapid evolution of beauty tech marks an unprecedented convergence between technological sophistication and the art of beauty. L’Oréal, as an undisputed pioneer, has committed for several years to this harmonious alliance, blending technological excellence with beauty.

L’Oréal: The Titan of Beauty Tech

In this constant quest for innovation, L’Oréal has established beauty tech as a fundamental pillar of its strategy. Key concepts such as “Beauty for All” and “Beauty for Each” attest to this bold vision. “Beauty for All” embodies an inclusive approach, aiming to make beauty accessible to everyone while promoting strong human values, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and a commitment to sustainable development. In parallel, “Beauty for Each” emphasizes a personalized approach, adapting products and services to the individual needs of each consumer.

Lancôme: Inclusive Innovation – Hapta

This symbiosis between beauty and technology radiates across several brands within the L’Oréal group. Lancôme, the flagship brand of this cosmetic giant, stands out with its latest achievement AI powered, HAPTA. This smart makeup applicator represents a significant advancement in democratizing beauty. By offering innovative tailor-made solutions for various challenges, such as limited dexterity, arthritis, or muscle weakness, Lancôme expands the horizons of aesthetics, demonstrating that technology can serve as a lever for more accessible and truly universal beauty.

Dior: The LED Connected Mask

This alliance is not only the work of industry giants but also innovative players in the Beauty French Tech who transcend conventions with creations like Dior’s LED technological mask in partnership with Lucibel. More than just a futuristic-looking accessory with its red light designed by Olivier Lapidus, this rigid mask incorporates advanced technologies to regenerate skin cells, marrying elegance with functionality to redefine the standards of modern beauty.

Technology Serving the Phygital Experience

The latest technological innovations enhance the beauty experience, whether in the physical, digital, or virtual world. Artificial intelligence enables unparalleled customization of products and services. By combining AI with augmented reality, leading brands provide in-depth analyses of the face, considering factors such as morphology, skin texture, and complexion. This enables personalized recommendations for skincare or makeup. Modiface technology allows virtual lipstick trials via a phone, computer, or the tablet of an in-store assistant. It has been demonstrated that virtual makeup trials significantly increase engagement, sales, and customer experience.

The Future of Beauty

High Tech Beauty is not just a fleeting trend but rather a cultural and aesthetic revolution that redefines our relationship with beauty. This unprecedented alliance between cutting-edge technology and the beauty industry paves the way for innovative experiences, transforming each skincare or makeup ritual into a personalized celebration of beauty in all its forms.


Written by Aurélie Navez

Aurélie Navez

Brand Strategy and Digital Marketing Consultant in the Luxury Perfumes and Beauty sector