Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama: A Memorable Artistic Collaboration

Louis Vuitton also captivated the world with its artistic collaboration with a Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Magazines overflowed with vibrant advertisements adorned with multicolored polka dots, and the artist’s inflatable silhouettes appeared in major cities worldwide. This artistic collaboration marked the beginning of 2023. Beyond 360-degree communication across all media and in all countries, the brand developed and marketed nearly 500 fashion and accessory products featuring this iconic creative motif. This unprecedented artketing operation illustrated how art and marketing can unite for commercial purposes to strengthen the reputation of a luxury brand.

Takashi Murakami: Artketing in the World of Fashion

Another striking example of artketing in the luxury world is the collaboration between a Japanese artist Takashi Murakami and renowned fashion brands. Takashi Murakami is known for his colorful and playful works that have been integrated into clothing, accessories, and sneakers collections. This fusion between art world and fashion helped to reach a target audience and created enthusiasm for luxury products. It demonstrates how art can become an essential element of the marketing strategy for luxury brands.

Lancôme and the Louvre: When Art Becomes Beauty

More recently, the world’s largest cosmetics group, L’Oréal, surprised everyone by unveiling a collaboration between its flagship skincare brand, Lancôme, and the legendary institution, the Louvre. A majestic communication campaign brought together a selection of nine sculptural masterpieces and iconic faces to breathe life into mythical works, creating a modern and inspiring dialogue. A collection of skincare and makeup, directly inspired by the famous museum, embodies this innovative art promotion operation, affirming that “at Lancôme, beauty is art in motion.”

Incorporating Art into the Luxury Sector

Luxury brands go beyond using artworks in their marketing campaigns. They delve deeper by incorporating artistic elements into their products, be it handbags, clothing, fragrances, or accessories. This use of art for marketing strategies purposes enhance the perceived value of luxury products, positioning them as desirable items for discerning consumers.

Artketing in Luxury: A Promising Trend

Artketing will continue to evolve as consumers and technologies progress. This trend enhances the allure of the luxury sector by using artistic creativity to provide exceptional experiences to customers. Luxury brands will need to keep innovating and finding new ways to integrate art into their long-term marketing strategy to remain competitive. In this ever-evolving landscape, high-quality programs such as the Master of Science International Business 4.0 – Luxury Marketing & Fashion Management offered by Essca Online Campus play a crucial role in preparing luxury professionals to master artketing and create unique experiences for their customers.
Artketing is more than just a fusion of art and marketing; it’s a way for luxury brands to constantly reinvent themselves by using creativity to generate excitement among their customers. Art becomes a fundamental pillar of the marketing strategy, allowing luxury brands to stand out in a competitive market while offering an exceptional experience to customers worldwide.


Written by Aurélie Navez

Aurélie Navez

Brand Strategy and Digital Marketing Consultant in the Luxury Perfumes and Beauty sector