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Start: Sep 18 2023 End: Oct 29 2023
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Language: French
Start: Sep 18 2023 End: Oct 29 2023
Register by Oct 15 2023
Language: English

Course information

Innovation is a major part of business success.

But what is innovation and how can you innovate? Can anyone do it, in business or in everyday life?

We think the answer to that question is yes, and we want to help you discover how you can innovate by sharing a simple process with you: four exploratory steps, creative but also realistic, designed to wake up the potential innovator in all of us.

The Creative Box course is open to everyone, free and accessible online. It offers two types of certificate from ESSCA.

To go further, obtain ECTS credits and learn with a personnalised support during live sessions, we would recommend our short programs of ESSCA Online Campus.

  • Who is this course for?

    This MOOC is aimed at :

    • Anyone who wants to understand how innovations are created by companies.
    • Anyone who has an idea of innovation but does not know how to find the relevant target and how to make it marketable.
    • Anyone who aims to launch an entrepreneurial project. Throughout this MOOC, you will have the opportunity to test out your capacity for finding innovative ideas. When your business is up and running, you and your business will benefit from your ability to reproduce the methods you will learn during this course.
    • Engineers who understand the technological aspects of innovation and would like to improve their understanding of marketing and user aspects.
  • What is the content of this program?

    This course is asynchronous and autonomous. You can share with other participants and the team on the forums.

    Week 0 : Explore the platform and see how the course works

    Week 1 : Define a target user

    Week 2 : Identify the needs of your target user

    Week 3 : Use creative methods to develop an innovative idea

    Week 4 : Define the value of an innovative idea


    You can choose between two learning routes, depending on how much time you would like to commit.

    • The Discovery Route will teach you how the innovation process works. You will be required to watch the teaching videos and take the quizzes. This will take you around one and a half hours per week. If you successfully complete the quizzes, you will receive a statement of participation.
    • The Creative Route will allow you to experiment with the techniques and tools which are taught, and by the end of the course you will have come up with your own innovation. To take the Creative Route you must complete all the course activities; this includes watching the videos, taking the comprehension quizzes, submitting your own project and evaluating the work of other students. This will require a time commitment of around four hours a week, and you will receive a Certificate of Completion from ESSCA.
What a great way to deepen market analysis opportunities thanks to the Creative Box MOOC. A short and intense course filled to put on track own ideas and learn from others thanks to practical examples and remarks from peers.
Jan Lichota
A very nice way to structure theory and practice in a short time span. Good division of duties between the videos, quizzes and interviews. Creating a service from scratch thanks to the persona and product development was a stimulating experience. Applied immediately in my own practice!
Jan Lichota