This MOOC is just amazing. Currently working in a large international group where innovation is at the heart of its DNA, I was looking for a MOOC that would allow me to refresh my skills and acquire new ones in a simple, independent and flexible way without being too time consuming.

The platform, first of all, is very intuitive, offers excellent navigation and visibility of one’s own progress, while offering useful tools for exchange and collaboration.

The format is well balanced between theory and practice, and includes many downloadable PDFs to further develop the arguments presented in the videos. The modules are easy to follow and do not put pressure on you because they are updated weekly.
The content, finally, is very accessible, illustrated and presented with brio by personalities from various backgrounds as friendly as competent, sharing their knowledge and experience with generosity.

The Creative Box MOOC allowed me to quickly acquire a simple methodology that can be put into practice alone or in a group in order to propose solutions to the needs of clients (internal and/or external) that I face almost daily.

I wish I had discovered it earlier and I strongly recommend it. Thank you to the ESSCA teaching team!