“I’ve been joining several summer schools and ESSCA Online Campus was actually my third summer school.

Although it’s online, I can say that I can still learn about other people’s background, how they interact with each other, how they talk, how their cultures differ from ours and that’s so interesting.

The activities help a lot because we got to know each other really, we follow each other on LinkedIn now. Having friends from abroad, I think it’s so much fun.

What I love about summer schools is that you get to meet people from all over the world and not just the ones that share a similar culture to you and that’s interesting as well. I discovered a fun class environment because I can freely talk to anyone about their countries, their cultures, even their Covid situation. It has been fun to interact with all my classmates.

We had a super friendly professor. I love how Sam can sometimes talk about things outside the class. I’m going to miss that kind of discussion. I really respect the teacher’s dedication. She is so passionate about the subject she teaches.

Before I came into this class, I wasn’t so confident in taking videos or recording myself. I gained more confidence because now I am more comfortable recording videos of myself. I learned more about other cultures and languages and that everyone is different and unique. I also learned to sharpen my communication skills because we are encouraged to do presentations which has increased my public speaking ability.

I’m going to miss this class a lot.”