François was first an engineer specialized in Networks and Information Systems and after a Master’s degree Marketing Sales and Communication in 2002, he devoted himself to positions in the fields of Marketing and Communication in the Orange Group on Business and Consumer markets.

After an enriching experience at the head of the Relational Communication Department (2005-20007), he took the opportunity to join the “Advertising for Video in connected media” department before moving on to TV & Video applications on second screen in 2010.

As a football fan (CFA level player at Paris Saint Germain FC, then coach…) he took responsibility for the “Digital Application Group Product Manager” position to launch the digital brand and the “Orange Football Club” application in the Africa-Middle East zone for the 2014 Football World Cup.

And he also worked in 2016 on the #OrangeSponsorsYou social media sponsorship strategy for Euro2016 to promote the Marketing offers of the 8 European countries.

As from September 2016, he led a Virtual Reality (VR) mobile application development project (Orange VR 360 and Orange Live Cam) in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

In early 2018, he contributed to various innovation projects in the field of Health and Wellness.

In 2019, he took responsibility for a Chatbot project for the “Tournament Assistant” being demonstrated at Roland-Garros 2019.

Since 2020, he has been managing an Augmented Reality project for football fans and supporters at the Stadium and at home, in partnership with Olympique de Marseille, and the “Virtual Reality Tennis” project in downtown urban city for communication events purposes.

These different experiences give him a consistent expertise in new digital technologies, social media, Marketing Innovation and Digital Communication; this is why François has also been teaching since 2007 in those subjects.