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18 months
Credits: 120 ECTS
70% online

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Start: Sep 02 2024 End: Jan 31 2026
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Language: English
28,500 €

Course information

If you are an active executive or entrepreneur curious and creative, with a strong desire to contribute to overcome challenges of current and future transformations, join our MBA program in Business & Technology to become a future leader-maker! You will learn to lead societal technological transformations and sustainable development projects within organizations by creating a real impact on your environment.

We offer a hybrid part-time MBA program with a high degree of flexibility thanks to an important part of online teaching; it represents 70% of the exchange time between professors and participants. The online courses are taught weekly by ESSCA and Arts et Métiers professors, and you can follow them at your convenience. In addition to the interaction with your professors, a pedagogical engineering team will help you succeed in your program. This MBA uses the learning platform, Canvas which has been adopted by numerous American and international universities for its excellent user-centered online learning experience.

Our MBA also provides experiential sessions where you will enjoy unique moments of immersion in the technological and managerial world. You will experience the creation of innovation in the Innovation Lab of Arts et Métiers equipped with remarkable prototyping materials and virtual reality gears. You will also experience 10 days of immersion in the American campus of Texas A&M University for new technology.

The program is divided into 7 thematic challenges between the 2 schools ESSCA & Arts et Métiers. In addition to the 7 challenges, a research project and a consulting or entrepreneurial project on major transitions are also part of the program. Ultimately, you will be coached on your professional development throughout the program.

This 18-month MBA program, with the possibility of spreading it out over 24 months offers the greatest level of flexibility depending on your availabilities and learning pace.

It is aimed at candidates with a 3-year degree (preferably 5-year degree) with at least 3 years of professional experience and a proficient level of English that allows them to follow the program which is taught fully in English.

  • Program start date: September 2024 (Registration by August 31)
  • Tuition fee: 28 500 euros
  • Certified by the CEFDG


The main advantages of the program:

  • Discover the latest trends in the major current and future transformations in the fields of Business, Technology and Sustainable Development
  • Obtain a higher level degree ESSCA, a triple accredited international business school based in Paris in partnership with Arts et Métiers, a prestigious engineering school
  • Take advantage of the flexibility offered by this MBA with a significant online learning experience
  • Explore immersive experiences with high educational values
  • Learn from and interact with professors from both schools and industrial & business experts from various sectors
  • Build your future professional network in Business, Technology & Sustainability

For any direct inquiries or to schedule a meeting:

  • Program

    Our hybrid part-time MBA combines online and face-to-face experiential modules. A major pedagogical aspect is the integration of sustainability and technological transformation issues in learning.
    During their training, the participants will work on projects that make a real contribution to a more sustainable economic world.


    Starting Blocks
    ESSCA Residential experience
    Challenge 1 : Gain perspective to build a strategic vision
    Resp. Christopher WILLIAMS (ESSCA)
    Career BoostIntra-Entrepreneurial/Consulting project focused on sustainable development and new technologiesResearch Case study (sustainable development) Resp: Barbara CAEMMERER
    Challenge 2 : Implement sustainability and X.0 in the different functions of the company
    Resp. Orsolya SADIK-ROZSNYAI (ESSCA)
    Challenge 3 : Innovate with creativity & ambition and become a Maker
    Resp. Améziane AOUSSAT (Arts et Métier)
    Challenge 4 : New technologies for innovation
    Resp. Philippe VERON (Arts et Métiers)
    Challenge 5 : Inspire your team and become an X.0 leader
    Resp. Orsolya SADIK-ROZSNYAI (ESSCA)
    Challenge 6 : Industry 4.0 & FinTech
    Resp. Orsolya SADIK-ROZSNYAI & Mohamed EL MANSORI (Arts et Métiers + ESSCA)
    International Challenge: Industry of the future (Arts et Métiers – Campus Texas A&M University) Resp. Mohamed EL MANSORI (Arts et Métiers)

    The MBA Business & Technology planned for 3 semesters with key learning objectives:

    Semester 1. “Becoming a Manager Maker

    This semester aims to help you gain perspective and learn how to build an ambitious strategic vision considering the major transformations of the world. You will also learn about innovative business models and be able to choose & apply the most relevant model according to the company’s context. You will discover strategic finance, financial management, risk management and performance management. You will also understand how technological transformation and the imperatives of sustainable development impact different business functions such as marketing, operations management, and international trade. It is subject to develop your creativity and help experience the creation of innovation in the Arts et Métiers innovation laboratory.

    Semester 2. “Becoming a Technology Leader

    This semester aims to help you understand how the main disruptive technologies work and be able to analyze them to identify their future potential in the industry. At the end of this semester, you will be able to prepare a state of the art of a technology and carry out an impact & ROI study of the main innovative technologies. You will also study the transfer of innovative technologies, analyzing the integration and commercialization of a new technology in the industrial sector. This semester will also allow you to radically develop your potential in terms of strategic management and leadership. You will be trained to drive and manage the change in organizations and apply methods and tools to carry out the transformations.

    Semester 3. “Contributing to Society and Business

    This semester aims to allow you to visit excellent industrial sites to learn about international best practices and participate in a real-world immersion & classes taught by American professors on the campus of Texas A&M University, an American university of excellence with deep roots in the industrial and technical world. You will also conduct a research project based on a case study of a company or NGO as well as a real project contributing to society in a consulting or entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship format depending on your choice. A week is dedicated to finalizing your reflection on your professional development with simulated interviews, networking, and testimonials from professionals.

    Evaluation: Continuous assessment & Oral presentation

    All the modules are to be validated for students to obtain the degree. No possibility to follow a single module for a certificate.

  • Format

    The MBA offers an 18-month program, with the possibility of extending it over 24 months for greater flexibility.

    For better learning efficiency, we have adopted the principle of a course construction by blocks: each week is dedicated to a single course, during which the participants and the professor focus only on the activities of this course. You will follow a pre-established learning path autonomously and be able to interact with your professor freely on the platform. You will have a live online session twice a month with your professor mainly on Saturdays.

    This unique experience will give you the opportunity to explore a new way of learning. Our platform, highly customizable and designed to encourage collaboration between students, will provide you with the best online experience for your studies. On this platform, you will find a variety of content: educational activities, videos, tests, necessary documents to follow the courses successfully.

    In addition to the pedagogical follow-up of the participants by each professor during his or her course, a pedagogical engineer will play an essential role as a student success tutor. He will follow the progress of the participants every week and, in agreement with the program manager, will set up support actions if necessary, such as an individual support session with the professor or the adaptation of the activity schedule. The objective is to give participants a maximum level of flexibility to successfully complete the course.

    The online modules are available in the digital ecosystem implemented by ESSCA for its online courses to offer participants a dynamic learning experience. The core element is Canvas (Instructure), one of the most widely used LMS (Learning Management System) by universities and schools worldwide. MS Teams is used as a complement for the live sessions.

    Face-to-face experiential courses

    The face-to-face courses are designed to offer an immersive experience to participants in the facilities with remarkable technological and managerial equipment. The courses provided by ESSCA will take place on the Paris campus and in the offices of partner companies. The Innovation Challenge led by Arts & Métiers will take place at the laboratory of Conception de Produits et Innovation (LCPI) on the Paris campus. Other face-to-face courses will be held on various Arts & Métiers campuses.

    Immersion on the Texas A&M University campus

    During this program, you will have the unique opportunity to participate in a fully immersive learning experience on an American university campus. During your stay, you will attend classes taught by American professors and visit innovative companies heading to the direction of ecological and digital transformation. This experience will allow you to deepen your knowledge and competence in leading such a transition through discussions with experts and managers in real life situations. This trip is mandatory to obtain your degree.

    Professional coaching

    During the MBA, you will be accompanied in your professional evolution thanks to coaching and professional mentoring tailored to your profile, your skills and your CV. This coaching will take place in groups and individually with our expert. The objective is to guide you in your professional choices to help you reach the right profession that fits your profile.

    Consulting project / entrepreneurial / intrapreneurial

    During your project, you will also work on a real case for an organization. This project is the key to your graduation. Through this work, you will be able to apply the different theories and concepts learned during the MBA.

    Research Project: Case Study

    You will follow research methodology based on case studies. You will develop academic research skills and learn to use scientific literature to address the challenges of technological and societal transformation and sustainable development. You will be able to choose a study topic that will help you improve your employability.

  • Why choose this MBA

    If you are interested in high responsibility positions or missions with a real impact on the future of our world, which integrates managerial and technological dimensions, this MBA is for you.
    In a rapidly changing world, companies are looking for those who have dual dimensional profiles with managerial and technological skills and the ability to build and lead a technological transformation and sustainable development of an organization. This MBA enables you to acquire a prospective and strategic vision and have the tools, methods and knowledge to carry out these transformations while you have access to management roles.
    Its online format combined with experiential classroom modules will offer you great flexibility to find a balance of professional, academic and personal projects.

  • Program Benefits
    • A study of “leader-makers”, able to build a strategic vision and to lead teams in ambitious technological and sustainable development projects while keeping a certain operational approach
    • A partnership between a triple accredited international management school and a prestigious engineering school to understand and experience the business, managerial, technological and sustainable development dimensions
    • Aimed at executives with an interest in technology with growing ecological awareness and looking for meaningful career paths that allow them to have a positive impact on society
    • Propose a format that combines online learning and experiential on-campus experience, which provides a significant flexibility to find a balance of professional, academic and personal projects.
    • Personalized support for learners throughout the MBA (tutoring)
    • Online courses that capitalize on the expertise of ESSCA Online Campus
    • MBA Business & Technology completes on three aspects: understanding and analyzing technological and societal transformations, taking strategic decision and developing strategic vision, and implementing necessary changes by integrating new technologies
    • Integration of sustainable development in all aspects of the program (embedded approach)
    • Executive level study in the conduct and management of the present and future technological transition in companies: relevant integration of AI, blockchain and other disruptive technologies in the processes
    • A demonstration of the impact on reality by carrying out projects throughout the curriculum with a constant perspective of sustainability
  • Career Opportunities

    Our MBA opens the door to a wide variety of careers in different industries around the world: Industry (food, automotive, plastics, textile, aeronautics, electronics, oil, construction…), Consulting, Consumer goods and services (electronics, clothing, food and beverages, furniture, jewelry…), Transportation and logistics.

    Non-exhaustive list of the jobs to which you can aspire with our diploma:

    • Manager or Director of New Technologies / Innovation / Development
    • Head or Director of Product Range / Technological Product Manager
    • General Manager
    • Manager or Director of Factory 4.0
    • Project Manager, Sustainable Development Manager or consultant
    • Digital Transformation Manager or consultant
    • International project manager
  • Who is this MBA for ?

    The profiles targeted by this program are professionals who wish to take on high responsibilities and integrate new technologies and the sustainable development approach into their strategies and practices to have a real impact on their environment:

    • Candidates who graduated engineering school wishing to acquire a business-oriented approach while updating and deepening their skills in new technologies
    • Candidates who graduated business school with a strong interest in new technologies
    • Candidates with varied academic backgrounds (scientific, design…) wishing to build or deepen a vision and industrial & commercial practices
    • Candidates who live in France or anywhere else in the world (little travel expected)
    • To summarize, this MBA is aimed at candidates who wish to acquire management skills and develop leadership.
  • Admission process

    Our candidates must have at least a 3-year degree (preferably 5-year degree) in engineering, business or management, science, economics, or design (list of non-exhaustive fields).
    The candidates must also have at least 3 to 5 years of professional experience depending on the level of study.
    One of our entry requirements is English level. The candidates must have a good level of written and spoken English and be willing to work in an international context. For candidates who have taken the TOEIC test prior to the application, the required level is above 850 points. For those who have not taken the TOEIC test, ESSCA offers a specific English level evaluation set up by ESSCA’s language department.

    English courses will be offered to candidates before the start of the course.

    Each application will be examined individually.

    The diploma cannot be obtained through the Validation of Acquired Experience (French VAE process).

    Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information or questions.

    How to apply?

    Admission is based on the candidate’s file and, if the admission is favorable, it is confirmed after a jury meeting with a jury committee composed of representatives of the two institutions.

    • Click on “Register”.
    • Fill out the pre-registration form. After ESSCA has validated your pre-registration form, you will receive a Docusign document.
    • You must attach all the required documents (see list below).
    • Once your application and documents have been received and reviewed by the MBA jury, you will receive an e-mail explaining the next steps.
    • If your application is accepted, several dates will be proposed to participate in an interview with the jury. It is up to you to choose the session that suits you best.
    • Once your application has been validated by the jury, you will be notified by e-mail, which will also tell you about the last steps of the enrollment process.

    The required documents are the following:

    • Copy of your identity card
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Motivation letter
    • Copy of your highest degree (for international students, official translations in English or French are required)
    • English language test score if you have taken it (the candidates whose first language is English or who have completed a university degree taught in English are not required to provide proof of language proficiency). If you have not taken any tests,
    • ESSCA offers a specific English level evaluation, set up by ESSCA’s language department.
    • Reference letter (at least one reference letter)
  • Tuition fees

    Tuition fee of the MBA : “€28 500 VAT*

    * 2023/24 fees. May be subject to change – Contact us for further information.

    Early bird enrollment rebate: 25% on the tuition fees

    Project Scholarship (Impact Project Scholarship) is offered in connection with a professional project related to major transitions (industrial, technological, energy, society, climate) upon validation by a grant jury.

    Certified by the CEFDG (Commission d’Evaluation des Formations et Diplômes de Gestion – Management Training and Degree Evaluation Commission)

    RNCP N°37887

    CPF eligible (Compte personnel de formation)


    The validation in 5 steps:

    1. Submission of a proposal of a professional project with a strong societal impact in relation to the major current transitions (200-word summary)
    2. Pre-validation of the theme by the jury
    3. If pre-validation of the theme by the jury, submission of the detailed description of the project based on an MBA document template
    4. Validation of the project by the jury and decision to award a scholarship

    Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information or questions.