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Course information

This Master of Science (MSc) International business 4.0 opens you the doors of high-level job positions in international business field. You will discover how to work effectively and collaborate in an international context in the current global, creative, and responsible new tech world.

The first semester gives you solid skills in the international management to become a successful international business leader in a disrupted world. This part will introduce you to various topics around international business considering all the sustainability aspect.
The second semester will allow you to acquire new skills in Leading Green and Digital Transformation of Businesses. This one is designed to deepen the knowledge learned in the first semester and go into more detail on the tech and sustainability aspects of a business.

As we truly believe that interacting and networking are key to your learning experiences you will be encouraged to communicate with your professors, international business experts and classmates throughout the program.

If you are a motivated, curious, and creative student with a strong desire to contribute to meeting the challenges of sustainable development through new technologies, with or without a professional and international background, join our international business 4.0 program to become a future leader!


Key benefits:
– Get a 100% online master’s degree from an international triple accredited business school based in Paris.
Discover the latest trends of new tech in sustainable business and management.
– Learn and interact with our international professors and experts from various industries.
Create your future professional network by joining at the end of the program, an optional residential stay or virtual learning tour in Paris.

  • Program

    The program is divided into two semesters:

    A first global part that focuses on international business and competencies necessary for you to thrive in your future career path
    addressing the following topics:
    – International Project Management
    – New tech for business & Being a Maker 4.0
    – Big data & Data Analysis for International Business
    – International strategy & trade
    – Management 4.0 & International HR
    – Breakthrough & Sustainable Operation Management
    – International Communication
    – Digital & Sustainable Marketing
    – Finance & FinTech International Markets
    – Innovation & Creativity

    And a second part focus on your specialisation in Leading Green and Digital Transformation of Businesses. This part center on understanding the challenges that international companies face to successfully adopt a sustainable strategy and provides tools and methods to drive digital transformation toward a more responsible and green approach. The following topics will be addressed:
    – Potentials of breakthrough digital technologies (AI, blockchain, 3D printing, augmented reality…) to contribute to green transition
    – Business sustainability strategy and methods
    – Sustainable innovation and new product development
    – Responsible and green consumer behaviour
    – Sustainable digital communication
    – Green and digital change management
    – Transformation 4.0
    – Sustainable leadership
    – Green Dashboards

    Thanks to this program you will acquire the following competencies and successfully apply and complete positions in green and digital transformation. This emerging activity is rapidly growing and offers numerous possibilities for jobseekers searching for a valuable and meaningful work.
    – Work on the sustainable business strategy in a global digital transformation,
    – Go through the 4 main areas of digital transformation: technology, data, process, and organisational change,
    – Understand fundamentals of circular economy & eco-design,
    – Drive the successful adoption of green and digital change within the business,
    – Develop and maintain green and digital transformation dashboards,
    Raise awareness of the benefits of green and digital transformation,
    – Identify how digital technologies can efficiently contribute to energy transition to zero-carbon.


    Residential stay in Paris
    During this program you will get the chance to take part in a learning experience or residential stay in Paris for a week time. These expeditions are composed of visits of innovative, digital and responsible companies who are going through main green and digital transformation. This experience will allow you to deepen your knowledge and competency in leading such transition thanks to discussion with real life experts and managers.
    This is not mandatory to the completion of your degree and can be followed online.

    Professional Coaching
    Our degree programs advise you until your first steps in the professional world by offering a bespoke professional coaching and mentoring based on your profile, skills, and resume. These coaching will be done by group with our expert. The goal is to guide you through your career choices to help you attain your dream job.

    Consulting project
    Finally, you will work on a real case for a company during your consulting project. This project is key to the obtention of your diploma, through this project you will get to use the different theories and concept learnt in class and apply it to reality in the field of green and digital transformation. This experience allows you to live a real-life experience of an advisor in green and digital transformation.

    International research project
    You will develop academic skills in research and international problem-solving and learn how to use scientific literature to meet management challenges, in the field of your specialisation. You will be able to choose a topic of interest that will help you to improve your employability.

  • Format

    This program will start on September 5, 2022 for a period of one year.

    Courses are taught 100% in English. Each week you will have a live online session with a professor mainly on Saturdays combined with autonomous work per week through asynchronous classes available on our platform.
    Note that this program is completely online, and we will be using the platform Canvas Instructure.

    This unique experience will give you the opportunity to explore a new way of learning and create an international network. Our platform being highly customisable and build to encourage collaboration between students, it allows us to provide you the best online experience for your studies. On this platform you will find an incredible variety of content: instructional activities, videos, tests, document that you can read and keep.

    Every week you will follow highly interactive and qualitative lives sessions with experts in green and digital transformation, exchange with your peers, revise previously seen concept, as participate to live discussion on key problematic of the industry.

    All assessment will be done online.

  • Why choose this MSc?

    If you are interested in a high-demand and meaningful career which can have a real impact on the future of the planet, this specialty is the best choice.
    On a global scale, the race towards a more responsible and greener world means that jobs in digital fields will increase considerably, as every industry seeks a workforce capable of driving change and carrying out innovative projects for sustainable development. In addition to acquiring global managerial competencies, such as creativity, project management, international finance … you will learn how to implement disruptive digital technologies to drive sustainable transformation of businesses and organisations.

  • Program benefits
    • Obtain a degree from an internationally renowned triple accredited Business School (EQUIS, EPAS, AMBA).
    • Boost your career by gaining inside knowledge, business, and management skills specific to green and digital business transformation.
    • Acquire awareness of the unique dynamics of this innovation driven sector.
    • Develop the ability to successfully collaborate with companies and follow their development.
    • Take advantage of our devoted teaching team and scientific expertise through classes and one-to-one interactions.
    • Benefit from our bespoke orientation coaching and mentoring to design your ideal career path.
    • Discover how international companies drive their green and digital through our residential experience.
    • Practice future job’s missions through live business cases.
    • Learn to evolve in a fully international and multicultural environment.
    • Improve your soft skills with the first global semester such as creative thinking, effective communication in international context, responsible leadership, but also with your specialisation in Leading Green & Digital Transformation: sustainability mindset, strong persuasion skills…
  • Career opportunities

    Our master opens the door to a large variety of digital-related and green careers in major industries worldwide: Consulting, Consumer Goods and Services (automobiles, electronics, clothing, food & beverage, furniture, jewellery…), Transport & Logistics, Aircraft industry.

    Here is a non-exhaustive list of professions to which you will be able to aspire thanks to our degree:
    –        Sustainable Development Project Manager / Consultant
    –        Digital Transformation Manager / Consultant
    –        International Project Manager
    –        Environment Sustainability Advisor
    –        Project Manager: Digital Transformation
    –        Change Consultant
    –        Sustainability advisor

  • Who is this MSc for?

    This MSc is adapted to students:
    – Who are inspired to pursue an international career,
    – Who are curious about new digital technologies and,
    – Who search for a meaningful career to contribute concretely to global green transformation and thus build a more ecological, responsible, and sustainable world.

  • Admission process

    It is required for our students to have a 4-year degree preferably but not exclusively in Economics, Business, or management. We also welcome student with any science and engineering degree.
    Candidates are expected to have an excellent English proficiency written and oral, teamwork and communication skills as well as the will to work in an international context.

    Every application will be reviewed individually; it is encouraged to apply as long as you feel that you have the capacity and drive to follow our courses.

    Please contact us for any further information or question.


    How to apply?

    Click on “Register”. Fill in the form and attach all the required documents. Once your registration form is submitted, you will be informed by email about the next steps. If your application is accepted, you will participate at an admission session with the MSc jury (several dates will be proposed for the admission process).
    After the validation by the members of the jury, you will receive a link to finalize officially your registration and to pay online.

    The documents required are the following:
    – a copy of your ID
    – a copy of your highest degree (if already obtained) or the most recent transcripts of records (official translations to English or French required)
    – your curriculum vitae
    – your motivation letter (recommended)
    – English language test score (applicants whose first language is English or completed a university degree taught in English are not required to provide proof of their language proficiency)
    – your Reference letters (optional).

  • Tuition fees

    €13 500 VAT*

    * 2022 prices. May be subject to change – Contact us for further information.
    Early bird discount: 10% on tuition fees (before 31st of March 2021).

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